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  09/21/14 Fall Advisors' Meeting - Tues 9/23/14
  09/06/14 New invoice links in Advisor section at bottom
  05/21/14 Top 2 Teams in Meet#5 and Season, Meet#5 PDF
  05/20/14 Spring Advisors Meeting
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Meet Schedule for 2014-2015
  • #1: October 16, 2014
  • #2: November 20, 2014 (snow: 12/4)
  • #3: January 8, 2015 (snow: 1/15)
  • #4: February 12, 2015 (snow: 2/26)
  • #5: March 26, 2015
Each cluster may have different dates, see Meet Locations.

IMLEM Spring Advisors Meeting

IMLEM Team Advisors are having the Fall Meeting on Sept 23, from 3:45-4:45 at the Wayland Middle School (201 Main Street, Wayland, MA).
Please send (at least) one coach for your Cluster.
Meet #1 Topics:
  1. Mystery: ?
  2. Geometry: Angle measures in plane figures including supplements and complements
  3. Number Theory: Divisibility rules, factors, primes, composites
  4. Arithmetic: Order of operations; mean, median, mode; rounding; statistics
  5. Algebra: Simplifying and evaluating expressions; solving equations with 1 unknown including identities
Previous Meets: '13 '12 '11 '10 '09 '08 '07 '06 '05 '04

Top 2 Teams per Division for
Meet#5 and 2013-2014 Season

(One meet, not cumulative)
Meet#5, March 2014
LexingtonLexington Diamond1st
LexingtonLexington Clarke2nd
EuclideanWestford Stony Brook1st
EuclideanNewton Brown2nd
PythagoreanWestborough Gibbons 12nd
PascalAndover West1st
PascalNewton Bigelow2nd
DaVinciMasconomet Regional1st
DaVinciNatick Wilson 12nd
GaussAndover Wood Hill2nd
MoscaShore Country Day1st
MoscaBrookline Heath2nd
MoscaKing Philip Regional2nd
MoscaMarblehead Veterans2nd
HypatiaBeverly Briscoe1st
HypatiaTewksbury Wynn2nd
GardnerNewburyport Nock 11st
GardnerManchester Essex 12nd
NoetherSt. Mary Danvers1st
RamanujanSaugus Belmonte2nd
Liu HuiLynn Breed1st
Liu HuiFramingham Fuller2nd
(Season, cumulative)
2013-2014 Season
LexingtonLexington Clarke1st
LexingtonLexington Diamond2nd
EuclideanWestford Stony Brook1st
EuclideanWinchester McCall2nd
PythagoreanWestborough Gibbons 11st
PascalAndover West1st
PascalWorcester Academy2nd
PascalNewton Oak Hill2nd
DaVinciNatick Wilson 11st
DaVinciMasconomet Regional2nd
GaussAndover Wood Hill2nd
MoscaBrookline Heath1st
MoscaShore Country Day2nd
HypatiaBeverly Briscoe1st
HypatiaTewksbury Wynn2nd
GardnerNewburyport Nock 11st
GardnerMansfield Qualters 12nd
NoetherSt. Mary Danvers1st
RamanujanCambridge Friends2nd
Liu HuiFramingham Fuller1st
Liu HuiLynn Breed2nd
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"Hard Math for Middle School" ISBN=978-1439297421 Amazon.com by Glenn Ellison (errata)
IMLEM Plus edition - includes above plus 42-page MATHCOUNTS chapter. IMLEM Plus edition on Amazon.Com ($12)
For Advisors:
  • IMLEM Fall Meeting for Team Advisors/Coaches:
    • Date: Tuesday September 23, 2014
    • Time: 3:45 to 4:45
    • Place: Wayland Middle School, 201 Main Street, Wayland, MA
  • Blank Invoice for paying your team's dues9/2014
  • Interactive Roster/Score Sheet - hosted on Google Docs - contact President for link (or see 8/21/2014 email)
  • Blank Roster Sheet, Excel (.xls) format (includes SORT buttons)9/2011 Update
    Blank Roster Sheet, Word (.doc) format9/2011 or PDF9/2011
  • Blank Cluster Summary Sheet (.XLS Excel, for VP's) or PDF or .PNG (image)
  • Private advisors-only area
  • Per By-laws:
    For First Meet: Bring a ream of paper for VP, have directions to your school for other advisors, bring no more than 20 students, no more than 7 eighth-graders as regulars.
    Categories 1-5: Each test is 10 minutes, with 1-minute warning. Of 10 regulars, each takes 3 category tests, so 6 regulars take each test. Two points for each correct answer. Max possible student score: 18 points. Each student must write on back: name, school, grade, and the word "Regular" or "Alternate"
    Team Round: Test is 15 minutes, with 5-minute and 1-minute warnings. All 10 regulars in one room. Six questions, each worth 6 points. "...each team should have a separate room or area where they can work together without being disturbed or overheard."
  • Did you know? By-law Surprises 

Information is updated approximately three weeks after each competition.  Previous meets are posted after all team scores are recorded.

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